‘A Little Bit Country’ gets a great review from NextProjection.com!

LBC fest_v4

I was really proud to see my little film get such a glowing review from the film website FilmProjection.com 🙂

Here’s some of the highlights, but click on the link below to check out the full review for yourself.

“That’s the genial genius of this little film from Amy Coop: treating a silly subject with deadpan drama, it becomes about so much more than it seems. Handsomely shot, A Little Bit Country effectively channels professional productions into this pristine passion project. Expertly spread across just seven minutes, it’s a film that understands perfectly how to play its cards, emphasising awkwardness to bait a final sweet reveal.

Coop has conceived a neat little narrative here that she brings to life with concise clarity. The brevity of the material, together with tongue-in-cheek nature of its humour and the eventually sweet outro, almost dismissively disengages with the underlying ideas, and that—in a sense—is part of the charm. A Little Bit Country is a delightfully simple story of acceptance, of coming to terms with the truth of the people you think you know, and loving them all the more for it. 74/100″ – Ronan Doyle, NextProjection.com

Click here for the full review NextProjection.com

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