Hey folks

Sorry for the radio silence, I have had a busy 2016 and basically forgot to update my site!

Over the last year I have returned to ADing, working on shows like ‘Grantchester’ for Kudos and ITV, ‘Flowers’ for Kudos and C4 and ‘The Worst Witch’ for CBBC and Netflix.

Rather excitingly, I was also asked to Direct the ‘Making Of’ film of ‘The Worst Witch’ for ZDF Germany so spent an additional 3 weeks on the WW set shooting behind the scenes, filming interviews with the cast and key crew and generally having a great time with the kids. I produced some online content for them whilst I was there too, so as you can imagine it was a busy summer!

In addition to that I’ve also Directed two inspirational films for the Terrence Higgins Trust as well as the usual corporate content and Brand films this year with my production company Angelic Films, and have loaned myself out to several other prod co’s to shoot content for them too.

I’m currently writing and developing two short film scripts, a 40min ‘play for today’ TV drama and a feature so have been hard at work even when I’m not filming!

Anyway, please do have a look around the site and watch some of the films. I hope you enjoy them 🙂


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