About Amy

Amy talks to actor Karl Johnson

Amy talks to actor Karl Johnson

Amy is a multi award-winning Writer, Director and Producer working largely in short film content. The last few years have seen no less than 9 of her short films appearing in Film Festivals around the world. One of her collaborative kids films ‘Boy Soldiers’ also won two awards including the overall ‘Best Film’ prize at the 2013 Limelight Film Awards in London. In 2014 she was chosen as one of the handful of filmmakers to receive funding from the BFI and Creative England for an iShort and since completing her film ‘The Treehouse’ in the autumn of 2014 it quickly went on to win Best Cinematography at the Underwire Film Festival before going on to 40 more festivals, 17 Award nominations and another 7 awards.


Amy Coop started in the film business as a runner in 1999, and worked her way up to 1st AD on a variety of UK Features & TV Drama. In 2001 she established her production company, Angelic Films, initially working from a spare bedroom and which now has offices at the world famous Pinewood Studios near London and in North Essex.

Since 2001 Amy has produced and/or directed more than 150 music videos, virals and brand films, as well as 20 short films including the award winning  ‘The Fairweather Girl’ (2010) which screened at prominent children’s film festivals during 2012 including TIFF Kids and the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival. Her short film ‘A Little Bit Country’, had more than 30 screenings on the festival circuit in 2013/14, quickly followed by another short ‘Epitaph’, which has won support from Directors UK and Arri and was nominated for Best Writer at the 2013 Underwire Film Festival in London. Epitaph has also been picked up for sales & distribution by Film Marketing Services in LA whilst ‘The Fairweather Girl’ is represented for sales by FACETS in Chicago.

Her first feature documentary, ‘Little Stars of Bethlehem’ for Elfin Productions was selected for the Breakthrough Strand at 2012 London UK Film Focus at the BFI, and is supported by Film Agency Wales.

Amy is experienced working with children and young people in front of and behind the camera and often manages to draw complex, nuanced and affecting performances from her young actors. Many of her films deal with themes and ideas around childhood and growing up, but rarely from a ‘straight forwards’ perspective, preferring instead to take the outsiders view from the fringes of society. Her most recent film ‘Epitaph’ finds her working at the other end of the spectrum with a film that deals with ideas about regrets, old age and mortality, but once again with a darker and slanted world view. Regardless of subject matter, genre or style, all Amy’s films are in some way personal. She is an accomplished and multi-faceted filmmaker, and is as happy working with a full crew or self-shooting in a more low key ‘run n gun’ style.

Over the last year she has worked as the 2nd AD on TV Dramas including ‘Grantchester’ for ITV, ‘Flowers’ for Channel 4 and ‘The Worst Witch’ for CBBC. She also filmed and directed the ‘Making Of The Worst Witch’ documentary for CBBC, Netflix and ZDF.

She is currently developing feature projects in association with Elfin Productions including a children’s book adaptation and several original screenplays, and continues to work as a Producer/Director with her company Angelic Films.

Amy is represented by Andrew Mills at JAB Management.


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