CTRL (2012)

When a schoolboy finds a console controller discarded in a bin, he soon discovers that it controls more than just computer games, it controls people! He sets off around the school to create mischief but after causing an accident he soon gets his just desserts…

Notes: The original story for CTRL was devised, written and developed by the cast (aged 9 – 12yrs) as their end of year film project at PQA Aylesbury, where Amy is the Film & TV tutor. It was shot in an afternoon with no additional crew, and with no discernible budget! Contrary to popular belief, no drama teachers were hurt during filming.

Filmed & Directed by Amy Coop

Written by Abby Barker, Eleanor Schofield, Faye Lamberth, Georgia Bolam


The Boy – Harry Renshaw

Dancing girl – Eleanor Schofield

Dancing kids – Esther Smith, Faye Lamberth, Eddie Morris

Teacher – Jason Middleton

Girl No.2 – Abby Barker


PQA/Empire Cinemas Film Festival 2012 – Finalist

KidsFilmFest 2013, New York. – Official Selection

5th CMS International Children’s Film Festival 2013, India – Official Selection

Epiphany Childrens’ Film Festival 2013, New York – Official Selection

Virgin Media Shorts 2013 – ‘Pick of the Bunch’

Chesapeake Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection

Whirlygig Cinema ‘Making Tracks’ 2013 – Screening selection

YoFi Film Festival 2013, New York- Official Selection

Bang! Short Film Festival 2013 – Official Selection (Crash, Bang, Wallop category).

Dubai International Children’s Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection

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