Out of Darkness


Out of Darkness (2013)

After a traumatic experience in hospital, Joanne finds herself in an idyllic woodland inhabited by Wood Spirits and the mischievous Lunatishee. She must decide between her head and her heart in order to get back home…

Notes: Conceived and developed with the kids at PQA Aylesbury as their 2013 film project. Crowdfunded through Kickstarter, it went into production in May 2013 with a view to completion during the summer. A much bigger and more ambitious production than previous PQA collaborations, Out of Darkness will be premiered in September before heading out on the festival circuit in 2014.

Developed and produced in collaboration with the children from PQA Aylesbury.

Here’s a sneak peek at the trailer for the film:


Written, Directed & Produced by Amy Coop

Exec Producer – Kym Eden


Joanne – Elinor Solly

Lilliana – Lily Ingleton

Rosetta – Eleanor Schofield

Ellete – Ellie Barker

Ryder – Jake Hydon

Dain – Kayleigh Hampton

Hreidmar – Sara Safi

Oberon – Joseph Capjon

DoP / B Cam Op – Anna Carrington

A Camera Op – Trevor Coop

Steadicam – Amy Coop

Production Designers – Natasha Guinness-Taylor & George Leonora Phelan

Sound Recordist – Nick Jones

Editor – Amy Coop

Composer / Musical Director – Ashley Turner

Asst. Musical Director – Laura Bower

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